Phallosan Forte review 2019

Phallosan forte review 2019For well over 100 years, men have used devices to enlarge their penises.  The original penis enlargers were simply weights, such as rocks, hung from the penis.  The weight would cause slight tearing in the penile tissue.  The tears would then be filled in with new cell growth and the penis would become larger. Since these enlargement methods also cause increased blood flow to the penis, erection quality can also improve.

Phallosan Forte: The Newest Step Forward in Penis Enlargement

Despite all the other advances in medicine, there had been virtually no new innovations in penis enlargement.  Even the highest-quality penis extenders work on the same principle as hanging rocks from your penis!  If you wanted a bigger penis, then you would have to put up with uncomfortable devices and even risk cutting off circulation to your penis head.  Luckily for men, a new advancement in penis enlargement has occurred: Phallosan.

Phallosan Forte device

What is Phallosan?

Phallosan Forte was first innovated and tested in 2005. The device works by suctioning blood into the penis while at the same time stretching the penis.  The stretching gives your penile tissues a “workout.”  Just like how weight lifting causes muscle growth, the stretch on the penis makes slight tears in the penis. These tears then will get filled in by dividing cells.  Over time, the penis gets increasingly larger and thicker.

Phallosan is different than other penis enlargement devices because it uses a special vacuum system to apply pressure throughout the penis.  First, the penis head is suctioned into a “cap.”  The cap then attaches to a special belt which gets worn around the waist.  The belt pulls on the penis, causing the stretching and gradual growth.

In a clinical study led by Dr. Sohn of the German urological clinic, subjects using Phallosan increased their penis size by an average of 1.9 inches over 6 months.

How Phallosan Differs from Other Penis Enlargers

phallosan forte how toBefore Phallosan, the only option for increasing your penis permanently without surgery was penis extenders, also called penis stretchers. While these devices are effective, they can be very uncomfortable to wear.  Since they use “nooses” or straps to attach the penis, they can cut off circulation.  Also, these devices do not enlarge the penis head!

Thanks to the unique vacuum condom of Phallosan Forte, you get an equal amount of pressure throughout the penis.  This means you get all-around penis enlargement, including the penis head.  Phallosan pulls the penis along your body so it can be discreetly worn underneath clothing without any snagging. You can even wear Phallosan while sleeping to maximize results!  There are a few other penis enlargers which use a belt and suction cap system similar to Phallosan.  However, only Phallosan Forte boasts the vacuum condom which helps maximize results.

Phallosan Forte benefits

Phallosan Forte is made from hypoallergenic materials and is certified by the ED Council Directive. It is completely safe to use for non-surgical penis enlargement.  Additionally, Phallosan is tested and shown effective for:

  • Treating curved penis syndrome
  • Erectile training after prostate surgery
  • Internal penile calluses
  • Mild erectile dysfunction

You can order Phallosan online and start reaping the benefits within weeks of using this clinically-tested medical device.

Vs. other enlargement options

Ask any guy out there whether they are perfectly satisfied with how big their penis are, and if they are being honest, you will become bored from getting the same answer over and over again, this answer being “no really”. It is a strange and difficult thing to explain, but all men wish that their penis is a bit bigger. Just like every woman would like her breasts to be a bit bigger. We all have something that we are not entirely satisfied with.

So, what are the options for guys who wish to have bigger penises?

For one, there are numerous natural pills and supplements that are advertised far and wide as the most amazing products to use in order to get a bigger penis. If you were to believe their claims, everything would be perfect. They are supposedly perfectly natural, they are absolutely safe and they can produce amazing results. The only problem with these products is that this is not true. They may be natural and safe, but they definitely do NOT produce ANY results. No natural product can enlarge the penis and that is the cold and simple, scientific truth.

Then, there is the penis enlargement surgery.

No one can deny that some results can be achieved with this type of surgical procedures and that you may gain a bit of size. However, there are certain downsides that make this a very unadvisable option, so to say. First of all, it is extremely dangerous. Surgeries are in themselves very dangerous and penis enlargement surgery is extra complicated, which means that it involves more risks. On top of that, it is extremely costly. A surgical procedure for enlarging the penis can cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Finally, the results are not that great and the increase in size is nothing special.

Luckily, there is a third option – Phallosan.

Phallosan is a penis extender device and if you ask us, or anyone who knows anything about penis extenders, the best one on the market. With this device, the increase in penis size is more than substantial and you can gain up to 2 or 3 inches in length, while you can also get at least 20% in girth. It is also a safe option as numerous medical endorsements and approvals have shown. It is quite clearly the only way to go if you are looking to enlarge your penis.

Phallosan Forte FAQ

Phallosan Forte FAQ

If you thought that this article will be about answering the questions that we gathered online that have to do with Phallosan, then you were right. This is exactly what is going on in this article and we invite you to check out whether there is something here that might be of interest to you.

Question 1: Is it true that Phallosan can give me extra girth?

Answer 1: Yes it is. This device employs a unique system of distributing the traction force and it allows you to gain substantial increase in the girth of the penis. This is a huge improvement on other penis extenders that do not make this happen, or at least not to that extent.

Question 2: What if I get an erection when wearing Phallosan?

Answer 2: Do not worry about it. This was one of the biggest drawbacks of penis extenders that were developed before Phallosan. Namely, with the ring safely in place and rods doing their work, there was no room in situations when erections occurred. With Phallosan, this is rectified and you can wear it safely even when the erections happen. The condom that is placed around the penis has enough “leg room” and you will experience no troubles at all.

Question 3: Is there something specific that I need to remember when wearing Phallosan?

Answer 3: Yes there is. When Phallosan is in place, your penis goes in a certain direction – left or right. In order to make sure that there are no irregularities in how your penis is enlarged, you will need to switch sides every few days, just to make sure it is evenly increased in size.

Question 4: How long does it take to achieve results with Phallosan?

Answer 4: In general, you should wear Phallosan for at least 6 months. After six months, the increase in size that you achieve is permanent. Of course, you can wear it for longer than that and this will result in further increase in size. The math is simple, the longer you wear it, the better the results will be and the bigger the increase will be.

Of course, the amount of time each day that you wear v is also important. You shouldn’t wear it for less than 6 hours. Once again, increased duration or wearing it makes for better results. The good news is that Phallosan is so comfortable that men have reported wearing it for as much as 16 hours without any problems.

Question 5: Are there any good alternatives to the Phallosan Forte

Answer 5: Yes, there are some good penis extenders that can be used as an alternative to the Phallosan Forte. I would suggest that you take a look at one of the penis extender guide online. The first penis extender guide on Google is from

Final thoughts

This is one of the absolutly best penis extenders in the world and I would recommend it to all men men out there who want to enlarge their penis!